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Turtle Flakes, a Saturday morning dose of Ninja Turtle goodness!

From the classic comics, cartoon, toys and games to all things modern Ninja Turtles, we discuss it all over a big bowl of Turtle Flakes!

Green Screen - The Next Mutation Episode 4

May 14, 2015 (68.92 MB)

Episode 28

In this emotional roller coaster episode, Rob and Josh discuss the shocking events from IDW TMNT Issue 44 (Spoiler Alert!), make a very special announcement regarding the next guest on the show, and watch The Next Mutation, Episode 4: "East Meets West: Part Four." Will the Turtles ever reveal their origin story? Will Shredder come back? Will the Dragonlord cuss!? Stay tuned! 

"Sewer Surfin'" Performed by Daniel Tidwell. Check out his radical music and Facebook page at www.facebook.com/danieltidwellofficial

"9.95" by Spunkadellic

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